Specialists in the design and installation of metal roofing

Metal Roofs

There are many advantages to incorporating a metal roofing system into your building project.

Metal Roofs are extremely durable and they come in a range of materials, finishes and colours.  They are extremely versatile and can be used to complement a number of architectural styles.

The Benefits of Metal Roofs

Durability and Lifespan

Metal roofing systems offer an unmatched durability, lasting 2- 3 times longer than a non- metal roof. The average life of a non- metal roof is 17 years. Asphalt can require re- roofing every 10- 20 years.

Metal is virtually maintenance- free, resistant to cracking, shrinking and eroding. With a system of interlocking panels, it can withstand extreme weather conditions, including heavy snow loads, storms and high winds.


Using metal for your roof will open up a wide range of possibilities in design potential.

The versatility or metal as a roofing material means that metal roofs compliment a variety of architectural styles from traditional to contemporary.

Eco- Building

Zinc is commonly used in eco- building projects as zinc is 100 per cent recyclable. It also uses less energy in manufacture compared to other metals, meaning less damage to the ozone layer.

Zinc is also non- toxic because any run off of rain water from the roof to the ground will not contaminate any underground water supply.


Specialists in the design and installation of metal roofing

The Metals We Use


Zinc is very malleable, which means increased design flexibility and enables the inclusion of such additions as sprung curves and bull nose shapes.

Maintenance costs are low, as zinc develops a protective zinc carbonate layer or patina as it weathers and ages. This eliminates the need for paints and other protective coatings. Because the metal is uncoated, there is no possibility of fading, chipping, peeling or chafing, which considerably reduces overall life cycle costs. Moreover, as the patina forms, any scratches or imperfections in the metal tend to disappear.

Zinc is a popular metal to use for eco-building projects for its properties.  For buildings near the coast, we recommend the Pigmento range by VMZinc.  This material has a special coating able to withstand the sea air and prevent any staining by salt crystals.  It comes in a range of sophisticated colours.


Copper is the most traditional and prestigious metal used for roofing, dating back to around 700 years. It performs well as a metal because of the protective patina formed on the surface.

Copper has a low thermal expansion which helps to prevent deterioration and failure. It is resistant to corrosion in any atmosphere and no maintenance is required.

This natural and prestigious material is one of the most sustainable roof coverings.

GreenCoat PLX Pro BT

A high-performing metal which still gives the aesthetic appeal of a traditional hand crafted standing seam roof.

Nordic quality steel in the core with a zinc anti-corrosion coating , primer and top coating containing linseed oil.  This unique, patented coating gives the material its final colour and makes it one of the most sustainable coloured metals as there are no effects on the water system.   As well as these environmental advantages, it is highly resistant to corrosion,  UV fading and scratches.

Available in a range of 39 colours, it can be used on a wide range of projects where factors such as appearance, mechanical resistance and long-life are important.

Additional Materials

In addition to the above metals, we also work with the following:

  • Aluminium – Falzonal (coloured)  and Falzinc (with a zinc surface)
  • Traditional Textures – aluminium in a variety of colours
  • ZM Silesia zinc
  • Aurubis Nordic Copper and Brass
  • Uginox Stainless Steel

Please note that some  of the above materials will have minimum order quantities and lead times.

All of the above metals can be used on either cold or warm roofs.

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